Biostimulants for healthier vineyard soil

Great wine starts in the vineyard, and a great vineyard starts with the soil. Biostart supports vineyard soil health with a biostimulant range that activates naturally occurring soil and plant microbes – supporting your grapevines to grow the biological way.

Use the Biostart vineyard product range to:

Establish strong grapevines

Stimulating root-zone biology at planting supports long-term health, growth and plant resilience. Our soil biostimulant Mycorrcin stimulates root growth and eases transplant shock in new grapevines.

>> Learn more about soil biology & plant growth

Improve wine quality, flavour and processing

Blind tasting trials show an enhanced flavour profile for Mycorrcin-treated grapes. Multiple quality improvements like skin integrity, higher juice yields and more predictable fermentation also improved wine processing.

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Improve grapevine resilience

Support vine health at times of stress by activating beneficial microbes on foliage. Foliacin, our spray on biostimulant, improves plant resilience during disease outbreaks, drought and frost.

>> Protect your plants with Foliacin

Breakdown prunings to reduce disease and release nutrients

Botrytis and powdery mildew can overwinter on old prunings and leaf litter, reoccurring in the Spring. Faster decomposition with Digester improves vineyard hygiene and releases nutrients back to the soil.

>> Breakdown prunings faster with Digester

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