About us

“Healthy soil is the key to making the most of your farm”
— Dayne Plummer, Founder

We believe that the key to productivity in farming, vineyards and orchards lies in keeping soil, plants and animals in optimal health using the most natural methods possible.

Biostart is a biological company that began developing products that harness naturally occurring microbes to help farmers and growers with productivity and environmental issues over 25 years ago in New Zealand before then expanding into Australia.

Our biological product range is developed in partnership with Australian and New Zealand farmers and growers who share their productivity issues with us. We trial the products as they are being developed and provide feedback to the Biostart team who use this real-life information to work towards the best, and most practical, microbial solution.

By working on a lot of different issues over time, Biostart now has a wide range of solutions that use a variety of naturally occurring microbes. Scientifically identifying the microbial activity and trialling extensively the products means they can be counted on to improve plant and animal health and yields. By using naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients that improve soils and reduce reliance on agri-chemicals we are also protecting the environment. Additionally, many of Biostart’s products are now in organic form and all tread gently on the earth.