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Australian Tree Crops

June/July 2023 Edition
Australian Tree Crops magazine have published an article about a three year trial of Mycorricin in almonds near Griffith, resulting in a 130% return on investment with improvements in nut count, total nut yield and…

Lok Chow

Coolibah Herbs, Victoria
Lok Chow is the Senior Agronomist at Coolibah Herbs, Victoria, where he is using Foliacin to improve the quality of their salad crops.

Good Fruit & Vegetables

Thursday May 26, 2022
Good Fruit and Vegetables newspaper have published an article about our biological products and the effects they can have on soil and plants, with a focus on the benefits for brassica growers.

The Horton Family

Lucerne and Oaten Hay Silage, NSW
The Hortons started using SilageKing after a client’s canola crop failed in 2018 and they haven’t looked back, they have been using SilageKing ever since.

Phil Cook and Bill Herde

Ruminant testimonial, South Australia
Two South Australian sheep farmers have lifted lambing by 45% and improved carcass quality by drenching with Biostart Ruminant.

Craig Hage

Agricultural Contractor, South Australia
Craig Hage likes Biostart’s HayKing because, “There is no stuffing around mixing batches and can be tipped straight into the tank on the baler.”

Josh Dowe

Barley Grower, Tamworth NSW
Josh Dowe describes getting a crop to harvest as, “A challenge in the best of years and almost impossible in a drought,” – but Mycorrcin has helped things.