At Biostart, we support kiwifruit growers with biostimulants that activate soil and plant microbes that stimulate good root growth, nutrient uptake and resilience against disease – resulting in bigger and better yields.


Improve soil health by activating beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. Certified organic version available.


Foliar spray for improved plant health and resilience. Certified organic version available.


Decomposition product for faster plant breakdown and nutrient recycling. Certified organic version available.

How we can help

Create optimal soil and leaf biology in your kiwifruit orchard using our biostimulants: Mycorrcin, Foliacin and Digester.

Our programme has been shown to lead to faster kiwifruit orchard establishment, higher graft take, increased cane growth and bud numbers, more resilient vines and higher and better-quality yields.

Our biostimulant products are compatible with nutritional and pest and disease control products so can be easily added into your current growing programme.

Video of soil improvements at Seeka’s kiwifruit orchard after trialling Mycorrcin
Tennyson Blake, our Australian Horticulture Manager, visited Seeka’s kiwifruit orchards in Victoria, Australia to see how their trial of Mycorrcin (our biological activator) was progressing. He was able to take these videos showing the improvement Mycorrcin has made on structure, aeration and organic matter content in the soil over the 100 weeks the trial has been running.


Kiwifruit Trial Sheet
The Biostart Kiwifruit Programme was undertaken in two Bay of Plenty Hayward kiwifruit orchards by Seeka managers from 2020–2022, resulting increased yield and reduced rejects, while fruit size and quality is maintained.
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AgriBusiness July/August Edition 2023
AgriBusiness have written an article reporting on Terracin being registered by ACVM for controlling Armillaria in Kiwifruit Orchards.
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The Alexander Family Farm – Testimonial
The Alexander Farm grows kiwifruit and uses Mycorrcin and Foliacin to create a more self-sustaining habitat, to be kinder to the environment and save money.
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How to use our products

Yield and quality programme

Our standard kiwifruit programme is designed to increase yield and quality.

Product Timing Application
Mycorrcin Prior to planting Apply Mycorrcin 2 L/ha with weed spray to the planting area. Add 1 L of 1:100 Mycorrcin to the planting hole and plant the tree. Follow up with the standard Mycorrcin program.
Early Spring Apply 6 L/ha/month Mycorrcin sprayed on to the soil.
Growing Season Apply 2 L/ha/month Mycorrcin sprayed on to the soil.
Autumn Apply 4 L/ha/month Mycorrcin sprayed on to the soil.
Foliacin Early growth/first cover spray up to flowering Dilute 1 L/ha in a minimum of 1000 L of water. Then 1 L/ha every 14-21 days with crop protection sprays and/or nutritional sprays.
Fruit set to harvest Dilute 1 L/ha in a minimum of 1000 L of water. Then apply 1 L/ha every 14-21 days with crop protection sprays and/or nutritional sprays. Aim to make five applications across the season.
Digester Post-pruning or leaf fall; or at mulching 4 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L of water applied over leaf litter and prunings to the soil.
For heavy disease over-wintering, cut-out diseased orchards, compacted or water-logged soil: 6 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L of water.


For best results apply Mycorrcin to moist soil and/or water in.
Mycorrcin can be mixed and applied with most herbicides and liquid fertilisers.

Foliacin can be mixed and applied with commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers.
In times of high stress increase rate to 2 L/ha.

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