Improves soil and plant health by activating beneficial microbes, including mycorrhizal fungi.

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Growing healthy plants starts with healthy, biologically active soil with thriving populations of beneficial soil microbes (bacteria and fungi, including mycorrhizal fungi).

Healthy, biologically active soil supports plant health by increasing root activity and nutrient uptake, improving soil structure and stimulating plant immunity through the Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) pathway.

Mycorrcin is a biostimulant that stimulates populations of beneficial soil microbes for healthier, more biologically active soil that supports plant growth.

Use Mycorrcin to:

  • Stimulate new root activity
  • Activate mycorrhizal fungi association
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase calcium and phosphate uptake
  • Remedy compaction (by repairing soil aggregate formation)
  • Suppress soil disease development
  • Improve fruit quality and flavour

Before and after

Mycorrcin is recommended for a wide range of crops and growing operations including grapes, top fruit, vegetables, turf, cereals, pasture, lucerne, hydroponics, container crops and composting.

It’s also easy to use alongside your current system. Mycorrcin can be tank mixed with herbicides, fertigation nutrients and suspension fertiliser, and be applied through fertigation systems and through overhead irrigation systems (when fitted with an appropriate system).

Mycorrcin continues to be one of Biostart’s most popular products. Whether used to support plant health at key stages (like bud break or fruit set) or more consistently to improve overall soil health, Mycorrcin works by stimulating life in the soil in support of your biological farming goals.

Australian Tree Crops Magazine
Australian Tree Crops magazine have published an article about a three year trial of Mycorricin in almonds near Griffith, NSW, resulting in a 130% return on investment with improvements in nut count, total nut yield and kernel yield.
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Accolade wine trial year 3 results
The results of a three year trial of Foliacin and Mycorrcin on the pinot noir block at Mud House Vineyard, Accolade Wines in the Wairau Valley are in.
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Wine quality – Accolade wine trial year 4 results
Check out how wine quality has been improved in pinot noir grapes over four years of using Mycorrcin regularly.
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Soil biology – Accolade wine trial year 4 results
Check out how soil biology has changed in a pinot noir vineyard over four years of using Mycorrcin regularly.
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Apple trial
Mycorrcin was used in a Hawkes Bay apple orchard, resulting in 12% more apples at the first major commercial harvest – amongst other benefits.
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Avocado Trial
Mycorrcin speeds up establishment and enhances root development
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Broccoli Trial
Mycorrcin improves broccoli yield
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Cauliflower Trial
Mycorrcin and Foliacin were trialled on autumn-planted cauliflower in a commercial market garden in Pukekohe.
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Lettuce Trial
Analysing a series of trials conducted in commercial crops in New Zealand and Australia, demonstrated that Mycorrcin increases lettuce head size…
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Potato Trial
Mycorrcin improves potato yield
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Onion Trial
Mycorrcin improves onion yield and bulb size
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Carrot Trial
Mycorrcin used on a commercial carrot crop in Ohakune improved carrot yield, reduced rejects and increased profits.
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Kumara Trial
Northland trials showed that Mycorrcin-treated kumara crops had a higher plant survival rate, higher kumara tuber weights and improved marketable kumara yield.
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Pumpkin Trial
A Pukekohe trial showed that Mycorrcin and Foliacin treated pumpkin crops had a higher yield, higher individual pumpkin weights, fewer rejects and improved overall marketable pumpkin yield and profitability.
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Vegetable Seedling Trial
Trials on broccoli, lettuce and cauliflower seedlings treated with Mycorrcin showed greater root development and bigger, sturdier and more uniform seedling size.
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Kale Trial
The trial focussed on the application of Mycorrcin and Biostart N on two kale crops sown on two commercial dairy farms in the Ashburton region, Canterbury.
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Directions for use:

  • Apply Mycorrcin to activate soil microbial activity in time with key crop stages such as at planting, at bud break, at fruit set or at fruit colour development
  • Apply Mycorrcin directly on to soil
  • Mycorrcin needs soil moisture/rain and active soil biology
  • For low organic matter and/or low fertility soils apply Mycorrcin regularly in smaller amounts through a fertigation or irrigation system
  • For best results avoid applying Mycorrcinin the heat of the day.

Crop specific information

Crop Timing Application rate
Grapes Planting Soak plants in 1:100 of Mycorrcin. Drench planting hole with 1 L of 1:100 Mycorrcin.
Grapes Premium Programme Apply at budbreak (6 L/sprayed ha) and veraison (4 L/sprayed ha).
Grapes Standard Programme Apply 2 L/sprayed ha with three herbicide applications.
Grapes Rescue Programme Apply 10 L/ha to turn around struggling blocks.
Top Fruit – Apples, Stonefruit, Berries, Kiwifruit, Avocados and Citrus Flowering/budbreak Flowering/budbreak apply 4 L/ha sprayed onto the soil Add 2 L/ha with all weed sprays Early fruit set apply 4 L/ha Apply 10 L/ha to turn around struggling blocks.
Vegetables – Greens, Root crops, Cucurbits, onions, Legumes, Tomatoes & Sweetcorn. Prior to planting Prior to planting dip/drench plantlets in a 1:100 Mycorrcin solution. At planting apply 6 L/ha sprayed onto the soil
Vegetables Transplanting Dip or drench in a solution of 1 part Mycorrcin and 150 parts water
Soft fruit and cane fruit Planting At planting apply 4 L/ha through irrigation system. During growing season apply 1 L/ha/fortnight through irrigation system
Maize, Brassica, Fodder beet New Pasture Apply 2 L/ha on to soil before or at planting

If your crop isn’t included above, please contact your local BioStart representative for personalised information.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Download the material safety data sheet.

Label information

Download the Mycorrcin product label.


Mycorrcin is compatible with commonly used herbicides, fertigation nutrients and suspension fertiliser.

Handling precautions

When mixing or applying, avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles. Flush applicator thoroughly with water after use. Do not eat or drink while using. Wash hands and face before meals and after work. Wash protective clothing after use.

Storage instructions

Store below 30°C. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Do not store diluted product.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.


Label information

Download the Mycorrcin product label.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.


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