Growing healthy crops and obtaining good yields requires thriving soil and plant biology.


Improve soil health by activating beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. Certified organic version available.


Foliar spray for improved plant health and resilience. Organic version available.


Decomposition product for faster plant breakdown and nutrient recycling. Organic version available.

How we can help

At Biostart, we have created a biostimulant range that allows growers to achieve higher yields of nutrient-rich vegetables that store well through activating naturally occurring soil and plant microbes that are critical for nutrient uptake and crop health.

Our biostimulant products are compatible with nutritional and pest and disease control products so can be easily added into your current growing programme.

We have biostimulant programmes for a wide range of crops including: potatoes, brassicas, lettuce, pumpkin, squash, carrots, onions and kumara/sweet potatoes.


Testimonial: Lok Chow, Coolibah Herbs, Victoria.
Lok Chow is the Senior Agronomist at Coolibah Herbs, Victoria, where he is using Foliacin to improve the quality of their salad crops.
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Good Fruit and Vegetables Article, Thursday May 26, 2022
Good Fruit and Vegetables newspaper have published an article about our biological products and the effects they can have on soil and plants, with a focus on the benefits for brassica growers.
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Vegetable Seedling Trial
Trials on broccoli, lettuce and cauliflower seedlings treated with Mycorrcin showed greater root development and bigger, sturdier and more uniform seedling size.
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Lettuce Trial
A series of trials conducted in commercial crops in New Zealand and Australia demonstrated that Mycorrcin increases lettuce head size…
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Broccoli Trial
Mycorrcin improves broccoli yield.
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Carrot Trial
Mycorrcin used on a commercial carrot crop in Ohakune improved carrot yield, reduced rejects and increased profits.
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Kumara Trial
Northland trials showed that Mycorrcin-treated kumara crops had a higher plant survival rate, higher kumara tuber weights and improved marketable kumara yield.
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Reduce spray stress in your green beans
Beans treated with Foliacin recover more quickly from spray stress.
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Cauliflower Trial
Mycorrcin and Foliacin were trialled on autumn-planted cauliflower in a commercial market garden in Pukekohe.
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Onion Trial
Mycorrcin improves onion yield and bulb size.
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Potato Trial
Mycorrcin improves potato yield.
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Digester Trials
Trials show that Digester enhances the breakdown of crops, improves asparagus crop trash breakdown and improves yield in maize crops the season after use.
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Digester Technical Sheet
Find out how Digester works, what it can do for your vegetables and cover crops and how to use it.
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How to use our products

Standard vegetable programme

This programme can be used for a range of vegetables including greens, root crops, cucurbits, legumes, tomatoes, sweetcorn and potatoes.

Product Timing Application
Mycorrcin Seedling sowing Treat seedling trays with a 0.5 L/tray of a dilute Mycorrcin Solution (1:100 or 1%).
Seedling planting Apply 6 L/ha Mycorrcin to the seed bed at sowing.
Transplanting Dip or drench in a solution of 1 part Mycorrcin to 100 parts water.
Planting/sowing 6 L/ha sprayed onto the soil.
Potatoes at planting 6 L/ha in furrow.
Foliacin Early growth/first cover spray through to harvest 0.5 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L/ha of water with crop protection and/or nutritional spray applications. Re-apply every 10–14 days.
After periods of stress such as drought, extreme heat or phytotoxicity 1 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L/ha of water with crop protection and/or nutritional spray applications. Re-apply every 10–14 days.


For best results apply Mycorrcin to moist soil and/or water in.
Mycorrcin can be mixed and applied with most herbicides and liquid fertilisers.

Foliacin can be mixed and applied with commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers.
In times of high stress increase rate to 2 L/ha.

Cover crop programme

Product Timing Application
Digester Cover crops at spray out, prior to planting Apply Digester at 4 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L/ha of water along with herbicide.

Crop trash programme

This programme has been designed to speed up the breakdown of crop residues. The hero is our product Digester. Digester is a microbial stimulator that activates beneficial naturally-occurring saprophytic microbes in your soil that are responsible for crop trash decomposition.

Product Timing Application
Digester Post-harvest 4 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L/ha of water over crop trash to the soil. For crops with heavy disease over-wintering, e.g. asparagus, apply 6 L/ha in a minimum of 200 L of water. Then lightly incorporate.

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