Phil Cook & Bill Herde

Sheep farmers, South Australia

Two South Australian sheep farmers have lifted lambing by 45% and improved carcass quality by drenching with BioStart Ruminant.

Phil Cook from ‘Middle Camp,’ at Cowell (Eyre Peninsula), started using Ruminant on his ewes in 2016, and 6 years later is proving that merino sheep don’t have to be the “poor-fertility cousin”.

“The ewes were sitting at a lambing rate of around 93% which is normal around here. When we introduced Ruminant in conjunction with Nutrimol to the ewes and rams 2 weeks prior to joining in September 2016 we started to see this lambing rate transition up and we are now annually at 138%. That was a real surprise. We then started to focus on the lamb side of things by dosing the ewes 2–3 weeks before lambing we found lamb size and health increased and that mortality dropped off dramatically.”

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